A modern industrial winch is a significant investment for any business, and although these powerful units are designed to be completely robust and hard wearing in use, they are large and cumbersome, and when they are being moved around or shipped to another location they can be prone to accidental damage.  In order to prevent the worst from happening, and a winch being damaged in storage or transit it is important to protect it as well as possible, and the best way of doing this is with a custom designed winch construction cage that is specially made to provide each unit with the best possible protection in transit as well as providing the ideal packaging in storage.
A standard winch construction cage offers you the ability to safely store a winch in a custom built frame, as well as making it much more straightforward to move the unit around from one place to another.  Ingersoll Rand has produced a range of winch construction cases that are perfectly fitted to match up with their winches, and meet all the relevant ANSI and AMSE 5:1 structural guidelines for safe lifting thanks to their combination of high quality materials throughout the construction and sensible design.
Ingersoll Rand use steel bars with either 2½” by ¼” or 3” by 3/8” cross section for all structural elements of the design.  This gives the winch construction cages superior strength, and allows for them to be stacked up to 3 deep without risking collapse.  Steel pins are placed across the horizontal section along each end of the frame to connect one frame to another when they are stacked and make the pile more secure.  The fittings are standard across all the different Ingersoll Rand cages to ensure that they fit together properly without any problems
The base of the winch construction cage is designed with stability in mind, and can be bolted to the ground in order to keep the winch safe in use and to act as a protective frame.  In addition to this, the fact that the bottom struts of the unit are able to accommodate standard fork lift blades for lifting, there is no need for any additional pallets or skid rails when moving.  There are also lifting eyes at ei