When you are working with any kind of abrasives, it is important to wear proper protection in order to prevent any loose material from coming into contact with eyes or skin where it could cause injury and irritation.  With high impact abrasives such as a sandblasting it is even more important than with any other system in order due to the addition of loose airborne sand into the mix which can be breathed in as well as getting literally everywhere that you are working.  A sandblasting hood is a specially designed piece of safety clothing that has been specially designed to offer the kind of overall protection that you need when using a sand blaster.

A sandblasting hood combines a face mask with a full face protection and a hood that will allow you to avoid getting the loose sand in contact with your skin.  The hood gives the wearer the ability to operate safely and comfortably in an environment where they are using a sand blaster, and be much more comfortable as well as being safer.

Whether you are working on a large outdoor job where you are being called upon to work on a project clearing paint or debris off bigger areas, or on a smaller job when you are clearing an area indoors, the fact is that when you are sandblasting, hoods are essential as they are the best way of allowing you to work in a way that is both efficient, safe and clean.

Sandblasting is one of the most demanding jobs that you would need to carry out, and in order to get the best possible results and the highest quality finish, you need to be able to concentrate on the work that you are doing.  Without wearing a sandblasting hood, the chances are that the amount of debris that you are creating will cause you huge problems and stand in the way of you getting the job done to the standard that you would normally manage.  By wearing a full face hood, you will be able to concentrate on the work you are doing, rather than being concerned about your surroundings.

As part of their extensive range of protective clothing and other safety equipment, Red Hill Supply offer a range of Sandblasting hoods to suit all of your needs including both heavy duty sand blasting hoods and also lighter ones for more general use.

The heavy duty sand blasting hood is available from just $88.67.  Made from high quality durable canvas, and featuring an integral hard hat for additional protection under circumstances where you are working in an exposed area.  To allow ease of use, the hood features a 5” by 6” forward facing lens that is big enough to give you a full field of vision without some of the problems that you might get with a smaller window.

For occasions where you are working on other projects and do not need all of the same levels of protection that are offered by the heavy duty version, then a great alternative is the lighter version of the sandblasting hood.  The main advantage of the lighter hood is that you are not carrying as much weight around with you for a long period of time.  This means that when you are wearing the hood you will find it much easier to concentrate on the work that you are carrying out, rather than feeling tired.

These sandblasting hoods feature an adjustable inner strap, which means that they will fit any wearer, and thanks to the high quality of the canvas that makes up the actual hood and other materials that are used throughout the manufacture mean that the 忀+