Here is a list of some basic tools that will make up a good electrical tool kit. There are electrical tools for basic projects as well some for more ambitious ones. As always be extremely cautious when dealing with electrical wires and if you are unsure of anything it is always best to call an licensed electrician.

 Needle nose pliers – Form loops on wire ends, grab small parts in tight areas and turn tiny electrical parts

 Diagonal cutters – Cut wires, cables

 Wire strippers – Easily remove insulation from electrical wires

 Cable Strippers – Remove insulation from cables

 Screwdrivers – Tighten and remove screws from electrical appliances

 Offset screwdrivers – Loosen and tighten screws in electrical boxes

 Cordless Screwdriver – Quickly remove wall plates, lighting fixtures etc.

 Utility knife – Cut wire sheathing

 Digital Multimeter or Circuit tester – Check electrical circuits, look for live wires, etc